Judy Yates is a skilled artist and avid hunter. Her specialty and passion is wildlife. Judy Yates' artwork is unique in that the medium is broken pieces of marble and granite. Each durable, unique piece of art combines the natural grain and boundaries of the rock with fifteen to twenty intricately detailed layers of paint to create a true masterpiece. Her original commissioned artwork is guaranteed to satisfy any customer. With over 35 years of experience and a photographic level of detail, each work captures the true spirit of the animal. See some examples of this art which has been used for gifts, awards, tombstones, etc. at the gallery, and learn how to order one of these masterpieces for yourself.

Can you imagine your pet or pets in an Old Masters setting?! Judy's newest endeavor consists of using a photo of your pet and incorporating it into a beautiful canvas with an "Old Masters" type background. This can be achieved by either Judy coming to your home to take photos of your pets and any antiques or family heirlooms that you might want incorporated into the finished painting. A unique and very personalized piece of art is the final result.

If you want a painting not quite as personalized, you can make an appointment with Judy and she will set down with you to show various "Old Masters" background ideas and you can pick your favorite for Judy to use in your "one of a kind" original pet portrait.

DON'T MISS OUT ON THIS OPPORTUNITY! This would make the perfect Mother's or Father's Day gift. Judy has been painting pet portraits for the past 35 years. All work is satisfaction guaranteed!

(4/12/2010) Meet the WINNER of the 2010 Massachusetts Primitive Firearms Stamp Contest! Judy's entry, "Turquoise Sky," is this year's winner and will be featured on the state's hunting stamp for the upcoming season! You can now order Prints of this painting and several others.

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